Our face masks are packed in a stylish design that guarantees both function and comfort, making sure you are protected from harmful particles that you may come in to contact with on a daily basis.

We’re committed in pioneering a mask that features a whole new mix of breathability, modern style, and protection. 

Best of all, they are cost-efficient as they’re reusable and washable and come with two sizes : adults and children.

designer face masks

100% Reusable & Washable

Our Cloth Face Mask is soft, comfortable, and machine-washable. Made with a tripple layer of premium fabric.

designer face masks

Breathable Cotton Fabric

This reusable and washable face mask is made out of breathable high quality cotton fabric. It’s made to be efficient and practical!

designer face masks

Travel More Comfortable

The essential travel accessory for today. These designer face masks provide highly efficient protection from airborne contaminants.


100% organic cooton face masks - Washable and reusable many times over and over again!

clear face mask


Our clear face masks are a great communicate way with order while protecting yourself.


These masks are water proof because of the filter inside. The design is also adjustable!

Designer Face Masks


Our colorful face masks come in different color and fabric too. They are a lot of fun to wear.


We made them in our local warehouse located in Palm Beach Gardens, FL USA

Yes, We are capable of producing large quantities. Recently we fulfilled an order for 1000 face masks in a very short period of time.

We have many different types of fabric: Most of our masks are 100% cotton, some are organic 100% cotton fabric.

Our customers range from regular people that want a mask for going out shopping, to business owners that want their employees to wear a mask while at work.

The organic face masks are hot nright now because lots of people are required to wera masks for a long time while at work.

It’s a new design that allows the wearer to communicate effectively with other. It’s very popular for hard of hearing people, doctor offices, restaurants…etc

Depending on the size of the order, we can ship within two business day?