Why Matching Outfits Are Great For Couples

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Most couples try to match their outfits whenever they go out on a date. One of the reasons is not only to coordinate with each other’s outfit but also to tell the world that they are taken and in a happy relationship. But, there are many other reasons why couples wear matching outfits.

Matching Outfits

Matching Outfits have really picked up in the last few years in large part due to social media. Hashtags and selfies have flourished on Instagram and Facebook, therefore increasing the importance of performative couplehood. People gain social currency when they’re in relationships. They broadcast their status to the world with lots of pretty couple outfits with perfectly edited selfies. In many countries such as South Korea, wearing matching outfits is a way of expressing love through fashion.

wnb designs matching outfitswnb designs matching outfits


I think a lot of couples don’t wear matching outfits because it takes a lot of time and money to get everything to match. Often, couples that go out shopping together pay more attention to what look good on themselves rather than what look good on both of them as a couple.  “When I choose clothing to go on a date, I usually ask my partner what she will wear, then, I choose a similar color or style. It’s not the exact same outfit, but I prefer to look like a couple to other people as well.”

7 Reasons Why matching outfits are great for couples

1- They look more like a real couple

2- They are happier together than couples that don’t

3- They tend to have a better relationship with their spouses

4- Couples that wear matching outfits tend to be more successful in all aspect of life

5- Couples that wear matching outfits tend to have more financial success

6- Matching your wife/partner outfits is a fashionable way to show the whole world you are in love

7- Couples that wear matching outfits from WNB Designs look much more fashionable than those who don’t.

WNB designs are unique clothing designs created for the couples that want to display a little love in the air. It’s not right in your face like wearing the same T-shirt or Jeans, which might be too tacky for some people. Take a look below:

wnb designs matching outfitswnb designs matching outfitswnb designs matching outfitswnb designs matching outfits

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