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Our Story

My name is Webert Benoit and I became a tailor at 12 years old. As a ballroom dancer, I have been using my fashion designs skills to make my dance costumes for the last 25 years. But my idea of matching outfits for couples came out a few years ago.

It was a Friday night and my beautiful wife (Natalia) was getting dressed for our date night. When she came out, she looked so stunning in that particular jumpsuit. I looked at my shirt and I thought that it would be so nice if could find a way to match each other outfit without wearing the same cloth. Obviously it didn’t happen that night but I was already thinking about it for our next date.

So the next thing I know, I secretly went to her wardrobe and removed the jumpsuit she wore on our previous date so that I can use it for sizing and fitting. I did that because I wanted to surprise her with our coordinated outfits when it’s done.  Next, I visited a local fabric store and bought some fabric for us.  Making her jumpsuit was a challenge as my wife and I are very close; I mean that we’re always together: We teach ballroom dancing at our dance school together the whole day,  and we practice dancing together in between lessons for professional competitions or shows. My only free time is early in the morning as my wife likes to sleep in. So, I need to work quickly if I want it to have her jumpsuit and my shirt done for our next date night.

I did my shirt first, which was a piece of cake since I know my measurements and I can try it on while I am doing it. Then, her jumpsuit:  I almost got caught one day as she woke up earlier than usual because of the noise of the sewing machine. She came in the room and asked me why I am sewing so early in the morning. She couldn’t tell what I was making because she was half asleep. LOL.  I quickly took her back to our bed and redirected her attention to getting back to sleep longer.  Oh boy! That was close!

Finally, after a few days of sewing (a couple of hours here and there whenever possible), the first coordinated outfits for my wife and me are ready; but she doesn’t know it yet. I was a bit worry about the fit since I didn’t have her try it in between sewing like I usually do when ever I make her something in the past , but at the same time I was confident since my jumpsuit is exactly the same size as the one she brought from the store.

It’s Saturday night and my wife is getting ready for our date night, but she didn’t know that I already picked her clothes for her. First, I got dressed. Of course, I put my new shirt on and went to check in with her. She complimented me on my shirt:

  • Wow, beautiful shirt, is it new?

  • Yes, I just made it this week – But I have something for you too.

  • Really!

I went to the sewing room and pick up the finished jumpsuit and brought it to her.

  • I made something for you honey, try it on!

She came back and wow, what a perfect fit!  She was very impressed with the design and the fit, especially the fit because in the past, when I make something for her, I would have her try it on for a few times before it could be perfect. I rolled up my sleeves and turn around a little bit and I could see the look on her face ” we match honey” . Yes, we do and we’re not wearing the same outfit either. She was speechless.

matching outfitThis is how the first coordinated outfits looked (June 2015)

That night we got so many compliments on our first matching outfits:

  • Wow, you guys look awesome together, and your outfits!

  • You guys look so cute together!

  • Wow, your outfits are so unique, where did you find them?

Well, that did a few things: we felt very together as a unique fashion couple, and also created WNB Designs.  (and later I got lucky too…LOL)

Webert Benoit